Street Address? Social Media? The Contact Info You Should Never Put on Your Resume

Street Address? Social Media? The Contact Info You Should Never Put on Your Resume

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: the contact information is the most straightforward section in your resume and there is nothing to worry about…

Then why do we bother?

Well, the problem is that many job seekers do it wrong. We challenge you to check your resume now! See below what you should list and what you should absolutely avoid. Do you provide information that is not needed (or look unprofessional)? Or maybe you miss the important part?

Here are the rules:

First and Last Name Only

That’s enough. If you have more names, just omit them. Keep it casual and memorable – your resume is a marketing piece, not a legal document. You will provide your full name (first name, middle name and last name) at the time of joining the organization.

This rule has two exceptions though:

If your given name just a bit too common (John Smith, I’m looking at you), you might want to add your entire second name to help distinguish yourself.

If you’re a female heading into a male-dominated arena, you might consider using the initials of your first and middle names. That way, Sarah Jane Roberts can become S. J. Roberts. A sneaky trick, but S. J. Roberts might receive an interview invite before the other similarly qualified female applicants.


PERSONAL Phone Number 

Never include your current business contact info. Do you want employers calling you at work?  It would be really hard to deal with this situation…

And keep in mind that your current employer most likely can monitor your calls and email correspondence. If you don’t want to get fired right away, never include your current business info in your resume.

What about your email address format? You need one that looks PROFESSIONAL.

Use appropriate names only (hint: is not a good idea). Minor variations of your legal name are just fine – for example,



Should you put your street address? NO.

There are at least two reasons for that: personal safety and economic profiling. If you post your resume online, you’re opening yourself to data security risk. Identity thieves, scam – the list is endless.

And it only gets worse:

Your potential employers can use online search engines to easily find your property value, how much you paid for it and what’s the median income in your neighborhood.

They may adjust your salary offer based on this data. If you live in a lower income area, employers may assume you will accept a lower salary offer. Who wants that?

Just keep in mind some recruiters may use ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) to search applicants by their location – that’s why including your town/city and state is just fine if you want to give a general idea. You actually don’t need to provide your address if the employer does not require it but including the city and state might help if you are applying for a job that is local.


San Diego, CA


1234 Main St, San Diego, CA 92101

Should you include a photo on your resume?

Hey, we know you look absolutely gorgeous! But if you are applying for a job in the US and you’re not a model or an actor, you are better off without it.

Why? To avoid discrimination based on race, age, weight, gender or attractiveness. And because some of the ATS may reject your resume right away if they detect a photo.

If you are applying for a job outside the US, including your photo should be just fine.

Should you add a link to your LinkedIn profile?

Yes, if it adds a value to your resume. If you provide such a link, the hiring manager will check it for sure. They will probably search for your LinkedIn profile anyway, so be prepared. If you have a profile, make it shine!

What about other social media accounts?

Add links to your social profiles only if you have professional accounts relevant to the position.


Audit ALL your social media accounts and check for inappropriate content. Believe it or not, this may cost your dream job!

The bottom line?
Include only your first and last name, city and state (if you live in the US) and double check your social media profiles. Easy-peasy.

Have any comments or questions? Our resume experts are ready to help you in any way possible.

In the meantime, check out our guides outlining how to write a resume if you’re struggling to finalize your application, or use our easy-to-use resume makeover packages if you’re in a hurry. Good luck on the job hunt!


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